Aktiv Energi

Mere end et elselskab
Vi er dedikeret i vores mål om at gøre Danmark CO2 neutralt i 2030 og i at spare dig penge på din elregning
We believe that paying extra for “green electricity” is greenwashing, as it does not directly change the percentage of renewable electricity that comes out of the socket.
Our Mission

Our Mission

Our goal is to help Denmark achieve 100% renewable electricity and no air pollution by 2030.
We plan to achieve this by offering free energy advise to reduce your electricity bill & your CO2 emissions, and investment in renewable energy production.
We have been able to reduce CO2 emissions of our customers by between 5% – 50% with no additional cost to you. In addition we offer you a best price best price guarantee – If you find a price that is cheaper than ours, we will match it.
CO2 reduction

CO2 reduction,
not greenwashing

We want the customer to have the facts to make informed decisions.

Every year we send you a report showing how much CO 2 you have saved. The data is from EnergiNet, legally binding and independently verifiable.

Buying “green electricity” does not mean that the power you use is CO 2 neutral only energy efficiency and investment in renewable energy production can achieve this.

Our Products

Private Customers


Active  Basis

You pay a fixed monthly price, up to 5% less than what you currently pay (guaranteed)
10% CO 2 reduction (guaranteed)
Annual report on your CO
2 reductions (Energinet data & legally binding)
Free and non-binding energy inspection (value of approx. DKK 20,000)
24/7 monitoring of power consumption to ensure optimal consumption
Every customer has a dedicated energy consultant
3 year bond
5% reduction in price after 3 years (guaranteed)
The price includes all investments in energy efficiency improvements
We can offer a similar plan to convert all your vehicles to run on CO2-neutral electricity, at a fixed monthly price and less than what you currently pay


Our company is committed to contributing to Denmark getting 100% renewable electricity production as soon as possible. We do this by living up to the values of our company. We value our customers’ trust by delivering guaranteed savings, in a simple format that is easily understood by our customers.
All this so that you can relax knowing that you are contributing to new renewable electricity production & improving your energy efficiency, without any additional cost or time for you!